The world's first entirely data-based language learning platform.

We aim to use statistics, data science and machine learning to optimise every step of the language learning process, whilst using NLG (natural language generation) to quickly create in-depth courses for languages of all sizes, in the medium of every language we can.

By analysing huge amounts of data, we can statistically provide what you need to know to speak a language 95% of the time.

Our goal is to make a course in every language, through every language.

Learning languages in the most efficient way

Pai has a unique approach to language learning: Our courses are based on data, from the ground up. This means that the words, grammar and content you are provided with are rooted in real use and statistics, and represents how a language is, rather than how someone thinks it should be.

Another great thing about our platform, is that we can help optimise your language uptake based on what languages you already speak. If you let us know what languages you already speak, we can help you identify words and phonetics that you will find easier, and will find harder, letting you make the most improvement possible.

A course in every language

Another great benefit of a modular, data-based approach to course creation is that we can quickly create courses in languages for which no other content is available.

Our goal is to create a course in every language, for every language, and we are well on our way to realising that goal.

Got a language you want to learn that you can't find resources for? Let us know.

Help us break global language barriers

We’re on a mission to build the world’s most extensive and comprehensive language data collection and use data-driven approaches to provide scalable solutions that enable better communication, break down barriers and facilitate greater collaboration between the entire human population. Do you have a business or organisation interested in reaching new markets and communicating better?

Work with us

”Out of the 7000 or so languages on earth right now, about half of them are endangered. Despite this, there's only online courses available for about 200 of them, and of them the vast majority are only available in the medium of English. We're on a mission to change that.”

Josef Roberts, Founder

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