Pai is working on a licensed online language learning platform specifically designed for governments, universities, schools and other organisations with an interest in language education, promotion and revitalisation.

We specialise in using NLG (natural language generation) to automate the creation of courses for minority and larger international languages alike, with a wide variety of options to suit the linguistic needs of any organisation.

Optimised language learning for organisations

Pai's B2B2C learning platform is based around offering members of your organisation everything they need to begin speaking other languages and helping them learn in an optimal way.

Using Pai's unique data-based learning approach, we strive to provide members of your organisation everything they need to know to begin communicating efficiently. No matter what languages you want to learn or what languages you speak, if your organisation has specific linguistic needs, we offer bespoke solutions.

In every language, through every language

At Pai we pride ourselves on treating all languages equally. If your organisation needs learning courses or material in a certain language and you can't find the resources anywhere else, come and talk to us - We're experts in creating courses for just this situation.

We excel at creating courses for- and in minority languages, so come talk to us about solutions!

Help us break global language barriers

We’re on a mission to build the world’s most extensive and comprehensive language data collection and use data-driven approaches to provide scalable solutions that enable better communication, break down barriers and facilitate greater collaboration between the entire human population. Do you have a business or organisation interested in reaching new markets and communicating better?

Work with us

”Out of the 7000 or so languages on earth right now, about half of them are endangered. Despite this, there's only online courses available for about 200 of them, and of them the vast majority are only available in the medium of English. We're on a mission to change that.”

Josef Roberts, Founder

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